10 DC Properties That Would Work As A Musical

With Joker 2 announced to be a musical, it opens up the movie-making possibilities for DC Comics moving forward. The company may continue to innovate when making unique creative choices, considering many wouldn’t have thought of Joker evolving into the genre upon a first watch.

However, since the Clown Prince of Crime is making the move into the medium, there could be countless other characters and properties that might be able to make the same jump. Some feel pretty obvious, while others are a niche choice, but ultimately one that could pay off in unexpected ways.


10 Music Meister

Music Meister from Batman the Brave and the Bold

It seems difficult to ignore the fact that DC has gone down the musicals route in the past, in both the Arrowverse and Batman: The Brave & The Bold. The character is a dastardly villain that sings his way to victory. His power set forces those around him to also break into musical numbers.

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He has been used sparingly thus far, but there is certainly an opportunity to use the character as a major antagonist in the future, perhaps on the big screen. If the musical format works for Joker 2, then Music Meister has to be considered to face off against a notable hero, in what would be a wacky but sensational new narrative opportunity.

9 Black Canary

Jurnee Smollett in Birds of Prey as Black Canary

The Black Canary seen in the DCEU is perhaps the most comic-accurate iteration that DC has produced thus far. One of her unbelievable talents involves her gorgeous singing voice, which Canary is previously employed by Black Mask to showcase in his clubs.

Now that she has gone solo, is there still a singing future for the vigilante? Fans are well-aware that Black Canary is getting her spin-off project. What if this was also a musical, perhaps one that allowed significant numbers to naturally be woven into the story.

8 Plastic Man

A comic rendering of DC Comics' Plastic Man.

Plastic Man is one of the most bizarre characters that DC has produced. Interestingly, the character has been associated with singing a range of ridiculous songs, especially in animated shows. A big-screen production could lean into the wackiness of the character.

There are so many musicals out there that benefit from a whimsical premise. A hero that can stretch like a piece of rubber? That’s a strange idea, that could be morphed into some kind of musical that pays homage to the genre. Out of all of DC’s characters, Plastic Man’s approach could be pretty meta.

7 The Flying Graysons

A poster featuring the Flying Graysons

The Flying Graysons have been mentioned again and again, but it’s a surprise that Dick Grayson’s origin story hasn’t been explored in more detail on screen, considering how many times a young Bruce Wayne has been presented to audiences. Grayson was once an acrobat in the circus alongside his family.

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Circuses have a great history of being at the center of musicals. There’s potential here to take the Barnum approach and perhaps craft a thrilling tale set around the downfall of the Flying Graysons, that’s portrayed through this unique medium. It would stand out among the superhero crowd.

6 Doom Patrol

The cast of Doom Patrol poses together

Just like Plastic Man, there’s a wackiness to the Doom Patrol that could play into a musical. The characters themselves are bizarre, but the duality of their personalities certainly nods toward many musicals that are based on this kind of psychological examination of key characters.

What’s worth noting is that the TV show has taken plenty of narrative risks when it comes to portraying this powerful roster of heroes. From puppets to a talking street, it doesn’t hold back on strange concepts. A musical suddenly breaking out around this group wouldn’t even feel that out of place.

5 Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy on the poster for Harley Quinn season 3

So Harley Quinn is probably going to be a part of Joker 2. Her history with musicals is well documented. Quinn has broken out into songs in cinemas in previous DCEU installments. The animated show would also match this kind of concept.

Poison Ivy has very much become a part of Quinn’s world, but her unique narrative involving environmentalism could lead to a dramatically compelling story, surrounding her fight for a better future. There’s been no news of who could be cast as Ivy on the big screen, but a great voice might be key to taking the character in a new direction.

4 Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing Green Lantern

Swamp-Thing is a monstrous character who also has a duality to his personality. The transformation from man into beast is the kind of theme that a musical might explore. There are plenty of examples of love stories involving hideous and mysterious creatures as well.

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Thus, the general concept surrounding Swamp-Thing genuinely relates to the plot points of numerous musicals. It’s hard to imagine Swamp-Thing himself singing, but it’s not out of this world to think about the surrounding production that could place this silent protector at the center.

3 Booster Gold

Booster Gold and Ted Kord's Blue Beetle working together in Booster Gold Gold And Blue

Booster Gold is a showman and a star. His life is based around his fame, with the attention-seeking performer always looking for a way to stand out; even if he does eventually evolve into a noble hero. The musical genre might mesh well with his flamboyant personality.

It would be pretty meta to see Booster Gold at the center of a sort of musical mockumentary, playing into the concept of the stardom he seeks. Booster Gold could be the unlikely face of the future for the DCEU and a musical would showcase the imaginative direction the franchise might be heading.

2 Teen Titans

Superboy Stands Before the Teen Titans

Teen Titans have to appeal to a younger generation, so why not give the franchise the Hamilton treatment? Out of every property that DC has its hands on, this youthful group would very much mesh well with an R&B or hip-hop makeover, that could modernize the whole idea.

The general concept would quite literally be to set these young proteges away from their former companions so that they can pave their paths. Teen Titans Go has messed around with the musical genre before, but moving this toward live-action and getting rid of the gritty tone of Titans could lead to a completely different feel for the franchise.

1 Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor Batman DC Comics

Lex Luthor is quite the showman in his own right. Sure he’s been portrayed as ultra-serious before, but there’s a flamboyance to some iterations of the character that would strangely match well with a musical. This could be a character study for the ages.

The businessman continues to grow his obsession with Superman, a dramatic arc involving several musical compositions that put one-off villain pieces to shame. It’s what musicals were built for and would be such a unique way to present this iconic character.

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