15 Best Episodes, According To Reddit

With season 2 of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girl Trip taking place at Dorinda Medley’s beloved Berkshires mansion and Taylor Armstrong moving from RHOBH to RHOC, fans of the Bravo franchise love that there is always entertaining content. It’s fun to look back at episodes of Real Housewives and pick favorites. There are so many moments that have become famous, from the huge vacation fights to Teresa flipping a table, and fans love to discuss them over and over again.

Fans have taken to Reddit to share the episodes that they will never forget. These episodes all feature iconic lines and shocking scenes that left fans wondering what was going on.


Updated on August 5th, 2022 by Aya Tsintziras: With many cities in the Bravo Real Housewives franchise passing the ten-season mark, as RHOBH is currently airing its 12th season and RHOC is approaching number 17, it’s the perfect time to look back on the best episodes from various cities. Redditors have discussed their ultimate episodes, and these all have more than enough drama. 

RHONY: “Sun, Sand, And Psychosis” (S3, E12)

According to Redditor msullivan1536, they love the third season of RHONY, particularly since “episodes 11-13 are the Scary Island trip.” It’s not surprising that this was mentioned as one of the most exciting and entertaining Real Housewives episodes, as Kelly Bensimmon’s non-sensical statements about jelly beans and Al Sharpton had everyone on guard.

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It was also never clear exactly why Kelly hated Bethenny Frankel so much, besides her feeling that she was simply better than her co-star, and fans found this episode to be completely strange and thrilling.

RHOBH: “The Dinner Party From Hell” (S1, E9)

Another episode Redditor msullivan1536 mentioned is “The Dinner Party From Hell’ which is one of RHOBH’s most iconic episodes and there is almost too much to discuss here, from Camille Grammer’s guest, Allison, insulting Kyle Richards’s marriage and even pulling out an electronic cigarette.

It’s no wonder that people still think about this episode today, as it was a perfect introduction to the world of RHOBH: fabulous parties, big fights, and moments that no one could predict. This episode’s legacy lives on as Camille’s later appearances on the series led to many fights, as she often talked about people behind their backs.

RHONY: “December: Berkshires County” (S8, E9)

Redditor ldn6 believes that this RHONY episode is “probably the best stand-alone episode of all time,” with another agreeing that this was a great episode because “so much went down in like 2 hours. Amazing TV.”

It meant a lot to Dorinda Medley to host her friends and show them around her beautiful home, and after spending hours getting ready, she had enough. Fans could relate to her here, as it’s frustrating to feel like no one appreciates all that effort, and no one can forget her iconic line. From that episode on, fans always hoped to hear Dorinda say “I made it nice.”

RHOA: “New Attitude, Same ATL” (S2, E1)

sheree whitfield in rhoa

This The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode is famous because of the line that fans will always remember, as Redditor eetreezy posted that “‘Who gon check me boo?’ is iconic.”

In this episode, Shereé Whitfield hosted an “Independence Party,” and she had some tension with Anthony, her party planner. She finally had enough with him and asked, “Who Gon’ Check Me, Boo?” Like many other quotes from the Bravo franchise, this quote became a meme and Bravo even created face masks with this line.

RHOC: “Boogie Fights” (S11, E5)

Shannon and Tamra talking at the 70's party and Kelly and Michael fighting on The Real Housewives of Orange County

Redditor SlowAgency mentioned the season 11 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County when Shannon Beador threw a ’70s party in a Reddit thread, and this was definitely one of the funniest and most dramatic parties from the entire franchise. They wrote, “I never get tired of watching the S11 OC 70s party. Pure comedy.”

This episode stands out thanks to the incredible costumes and Kelly Dodd’s comments to David. This was a big deal even for a cast member who often put her foot in her mouth, and the gasps around the room can still be heard today. While some Orange County fans find it easy to sympathize with Kelly, this wasn’t a time where they could, as bringing up someone’s painful personal life at a big party is a horrible idea.

RHONY: “Double Down On Delusion” (S7, E6)

Bethenny and Sonja in Atlantic City on RHONY

One Redditor shared that they love the RHONY episode when the cast goes to Atlantic City. The user, whose name has been deleted, explained, “I think it’s one of the best episodes ever because it immediately starts with ridiculous drama and just goes downhill from there. It’s just one thing after another… Heather yelling at Sonja, Ramona screaming at the limo driver for a wine opener at 10am, the limo ride from hell.”

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Fans always enjoy watching the housewives head somewhere on vacation, as there’s going to be much more going on than if they just stayed home, and this episode didn’t disappoint.

RHOA: “Unbeweavable” (S2, E3)

Kim Zolciak-Biermann on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

When discussing the most memorable RHOA episodes, one Redditor said this season 2 episode was a favorite. They wrote, “It’s all so many memorable moments back to back that it’s never a dull moment.”

Fans can never forget this episode because Sheree and Kim Zolciak-Biermann had a fight and also featured Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael, which was a massive surprise. When the Real Housewives is at its best, it’s full of juicy moments that make people gasp, and this was one of them.

RHOBH: “Amster-damn!” (S5, E16)

One Redditor shared in a thread that when it comes to the best Real Housewives episodes, “The Amsterdam glass throw on RHOBH is mine!”

This season 5 episode is unforgettable as Kim Richards said she heard a rumor about Harry Hamlin cheating, and Lisa Rinna said she shouldn’t talk about her marriage. Lisa Rinna has some of RHOBH best quotes and telling Kim not to go after near husband is definitely one of them. Things got worse when, with a whole restaurant of people looking on in stunned silence, Lisa threw a wine glass that totally shattered.

RHONY: “Tomfoolery” (S8, E19)

Bethenny talking to Luann on a bed in RHONY

One Redditor also shared that they consider the RHONY episode where Bethenny told Luann De Lesseps about Tom cheating one of the best. They explained some of their favorite storylines: “Scary Island, when the Tom stuff came out, the Mexico trip.”

While this is definitely not a fun one to re-watch, it’s still part of Real Housewives canon as it was a moment that fans had been waiting for. As soon as the Countess and Tom got engaged, it was clear that something was off, and it was sad and unforgettable to learn that everyone’s concerns were true.

RHONY: “The Last Leg” (S6, E20)

For Redditor cat_mom422, “RHONY when Aviva Drescher throws her leg” is one of the most memorable episodes from the franchise. When Sonja threw a party, Aviva came later than the others and told the cameras in a confessional that she had asthma but she felt that the other cast members were ignoring her.

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Aviva said “The only thing that is artificial or fake about me … is this” and threw her prosthetic leg, which wasn’t what anyone thought that she was going to do. Aviva’s other plotlines weren’t that unforgettable, but this moment definitely stood out.

RHONJ: “Posche Spite” (S2, E9)

Split image of Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub looking serious on RHONJ

The “RHONJ Season 2 Posche fashion show” is a fan favorite episode for Redditor nyleen918, and the fan loves the quote “Don’t call me honey.”

Many The Real Housewives of New Jersey episodes focus on Teresa Giudice’s tension with Kim D., who runs her boutique Posche and is in charge of the fashion show. When Danielle Staub told Danielle not to call her “honey,” Teresa famously asked, “Is b***h better?” This was intense, that’s for sure.

RHOP: “Reasonable Or Shady?” (S6, E12)

Gizelle Bryant pointing her hand on RHOP

For Redditor surejan94, this season 6 The Real Housewives of Potomac episode is a favorite. The fan wrote, “Probably just an excellent, ridiculous hour of housewives that show why the Potomac women are all so hilarious.”

Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon were excited to start a podcast and had a party, but fights kept breaking out, ruining the evening. The cast members played games, and Robyn asked a bold question: if the others thought that it was “reasonable or shady” to ask why a pal would alter the way that they look when people say that they’re having an affair. The episode was full of drama.

RHOA: “Unbeweavable Director’s Cut (S2, E4)

Split image of NeNe, Sheree, and Kim fighting on RHOA

One Redditor pointed out that “The season 2 directors cut of wig shift on Atlanta season 2” is definitely not an episode that is easy to forget.

After the third episode of season 2 aired, a fourth episode was released that shared even more details. RHOA fans had to check this out to see just how tense the argument between cast members got. To this day, it’s still an episode that viewers think about.

RHOC: “Wined, Dined and Ryned” (S16, E11)

Split image of Shannon, Max and Heather on RHOC

For Redditor realitytvicon, the season 16 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County that focused on “heather’s dinner” stands out. The fan wrote that they think about “The nicole weiss of it all.”

Heather’s dinner was to help Dr. Jen Armstrong and her husband Ryne get along better, but when Jen had some drinks, the evening became chaotic. This episode goes down as one of the most dramatic Real Housewives dinner parties.

RHOBH: “Circle of Distrust” (S11, E12)

Split image of Dorit and Sutton in the RHOBH episode "Circle Of Distrust"

For Redditor realitytvicon, “the episode where sutton calls the meeting at dorit’s house” in season 11 stood out. Sutton Stracke said that she wanted to talk about Erika Jayne’s legal trouble and that she didn’t want to be implicated.

This episode was so memorable because the other cast members were uncomfortable with this conversation. When Erika found out about it, she felt that they had gone behind her back, and Sutton and Erika had some harsh fights the rest of the season.

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