Kelsey Owens Reveals She Was Unexpectedly Fired From Siesta Key

After five years on Siesta Key, prominent cast member Kelsey Owens announces that she was unexpectedly let go from the MTV reality series.

Kelsey Owens dropped some shocking Siesta Key news as she announced she’s been let go from the reality TV series. Kelsey has been one of the main cast members on the show since season 1 premiered in 2017. The star had a crucial role on the show as she played into the drama with Juliette Porter and Alex Kompothecras. Kelsey was the new girl in the small Florida beach town, but she quickly got caught up in a love triangle with Juliette and Alex. She soon moved on to Garrett Miller and a few other men on the show before settling down with her current boyfriend, Max Strong.


When she wasn’t having relationship drama, she was feuding with Juliette. Kelsey first butted heads with the main star of the show over Alex, but the two soon became friends and even started living together. Unfortunately, things went south again between the two when Kelsey suggested Juliette wasn’t over Alex and was only dating her former boyfriend Sam Logan because he was a billionaire. Tensions elevated when Juliette hit Kelsey in the face during an island getaway with their cast members. Despite the drama, the two recently reconciled, with Kelsey walking in Juliette’s fashion show.

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Apparently, MTV doesn’t believe Kelsey has anything left to offer the show as she announced that she’s been fired from Siesta Key. Kelsey shared a long paragraph on Instagram explaining to fans that she will no longer be on the reality series in the future. The star explained that while filming in a strip club, she was told that she would no longer be needed on the show moving forward. Kelsey called her firing “mind-blowing & truly disgusting” after everything she’d gone through on the show since she was 19 years old. The star announced a few months ago that she was told she wouldn’t be needed in season 5 until mid-season filming. Fans wondered if this could mean her time on Siesta Key was coming to an end.

Despite the circumstances, Kelsey said, “I cried my eyes out then wiped those tears and filmed my last scene the best I could with my head held high.” The star thanked her cast members and her fans for all their support during her time on the series and was met with an outpour of love. Max, Juliette and Madisson Hausberg were among cast members who commented on Kelsey’s post with supportive messages. Kelsey is not the first cast member to get cut from the show. After the Siesta Key season 4b finale aired, Garrett announced he was leaving the show on MTV’s terms. Later, star Camilla Cattaneo also announced she would no longer appear on the show.

Since moving to Miami to film, Siesta Key has been making a lot of changes. It’s unfortunate that a fan-favorite cast member will no longer appear on the series, but it doesn’t seem like producers are as sympathetic. Kelsey’s hurt is completely justified, and she will be missed on the show, especially since fans would have loved to see more of her reconciled friendship with Juliette. Hopefully, producers have a plan to keep Siesta Key fans watching the show because letting go of a key cast member is definitely risky.

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